Nice to meet you CALL and Sedat Teacher!

In this course I learned again that the teacher is very important for a course. Even if the course is very hard or too time-consuming, you can be equal to all these works. If I liked such a dense course, this is thanks to you. I am so happy that I recognized a helpful and modest teacher like you. I hope you always confront with good people like you…

In this course, I can say that I have learned many things related to the real life honestly. All of them are useful, enjoyable, and all teachers must know and use them effectively.  I am sure I will feel myself more equipped in front of the students. I can keep face with my students. I can make my course more enjoyable and easy for them. They will be more willing to come to my lessons. I can approach them easier. And.. They will like me as we like you because you endear yourself to all of us.

Besides the tools we learned, this course paid dividends our reading and writing habits a lot. In the meantime, we used English actively. We read, we wrote, we listened and watched.. We have taken a step for our future social life. We composed our first blogpages, webpages, our first online book and more than these. Even the people who are illiterate technologically made a huge progress. You projected your love of technology onto all of us.

Big thanks to you for everything…


Weebly, Second Life

This is our last task: Weebly. Weebly is an online website creator. It is free. It is very easy to make a high-quality site. There is perfect look, too. Photos look sharp with high-quality slideshows and filters. You can present your videos in HD. It offers easy blogging, link to social media and many opportunities. You can add videos, pictures, texts, just click and drag the box wherever you want to add your item on your website. It is a preferred website creator. Weebly had already over 12 million user. The only disadvantage for this website is that you have to upgrade your account if you want to use all features of this site. Yes, we will design a website, and we will add our tasks on this website. I think, this is a reasoned task because thanks to this task we will centralize our all task in a website. We can see all of them in just one webpage.

After then, we talked about Second Life. I haven’t heard about it before. It is an online virtual world. It is very enjoyable and just like a real life. Also, it provides many benefits. For example, you can connect with people all around the world; you can give or attend online conferences. So you can develop your English via this. Apart its education benefits, you can build 3d buildings, you can meet new people, and even you can earn money. ..Very imaginative 🙂


This week is the audioboo week. Audioboo is used for listening as the name implies. It is a podcast site, and podcast is a digital media file. Thanks to this podast website, audioboo, we can record our voice, and share them to the public. I think, using audioboo can be very useful for teaching and learning English. And also, audioboo is so easy to use so even your young students can record their voices easily by using audioboo website. Creating a podcast does not take a lot of expensive equipment and allows content creators to potentially reach millions of listeners on a global basis. It has many benefits such as convenience, easy reach, accessibility issues, and productivity issues. This tool can be used in classrooms. It allows students to create, collaborate, publish and interact with peers, experts and audiences. It also gives the users an opportunity to use different media to communicate ideas and information. Above all, it helps shy students. If the students are shy and intimidated to use this in class and in front of the people, they can access to the internet practice at home, so there is no problem anymore 🙂

Digital Story-Storyjumper and Moviemaker

The task of this week is to make a story using movie maker and storyjumper. I think these are the most suitable tools for the young children. These tools are very colorful and attention grabbing tools. I am sure the young children will like them. Using these tools we can teach the lessons more entertainingly, so the lesson becomes effective and permanent for the students. Also, even lazy students can be more motivated with these tools. If we compare these two tools, moviemaker and storyjumper, I think moviemaker is easier than storyjumper. I did a digital story on moviemaker last year, it was easy for me, but while I was doing storyjumper this week, I slogged away very much. Also, I didn’t like my final work when I compared it with friend’s work. Teacher, don’t grade me down as I confessed it here to you J I want to use these colorful, enjoyable and motivating tools in the future for my students. I will make time for that.

Skype, Facebook, Twitter

Most of us spend most of our day in social media. Facebook, Twitter and Skype are the most popular ones.

Let’s start with Skype; it is an IP Technology service provider. We can make free calling or low-cost calling via this tool. We can transfer files, chat, or make video calling. Also, I learned something different in this CALL lesson “ICQ”. It means “I Seek You”. You install money to Skype; you can talk people when you are abroad. I wish, I had known it last summerL. I would use it in Malta, certainly. Last summer, when I was in Malta, I always bought a card for public phones and I called my family by paying high prices. All this is by the way, how can we use Skype in teaching English? Let’s say you ask students to make a project but, they all are in different locations. In such a case they can use Skype to make the project together. By the way, you can use Skype on whatever works best for you on your phone or on computer.

I think, the easiest and the most enjoyable one is facebook. Via facebook, we get in touch with friends and family who are away some other people in other countries, or sometimes close, even in the same houseJ. Sometimes, my brother and I use facebook to talk in the same house from one room to other roomJ . Facebook has 37 different languages availability. It enables us many opportunities like publishing an advertisement sites, creating a group for a purpose, creating an event like wedding news, a conference or a concert. Although facebook is a part of our lives, it has been banned in some countries because of its insecurity, for example, China and Iran.

I said it is unsafe because it has got many disadvantages, too. It presents many games for users. There is one more: game request :! I am bored and tired of rejecting all of them. Also, there can be sometimes harmful people, and they can add or message you. Families shouldn’t allow their children to use facebook if they are too young because they can be cheated by them. Also, as teachers, when we use it for teaching, I think, we should choose the suitable age groups who are old enough. In terms of education, we can use facebook to create groups for writing comments on a topic, for example. It is more creative than board in classes.

And twitter, the most unfamiliar and difficult tool for meJ. Actually, the same as with facebook, but I see it very limited J. I learned the “hashtag” symbol and its usage in this lesson. I learned that it is not limited as I seeJ.  You can use this tag to discover and share new ideas to follow the friends in education in the World. Again, we can use it for education. How? We can recommend our students to follow some important issues about education. They can share their notes with their friends or they can discuss on something together. Thanks these information teacher 🙂


WizIQ, I have never heard it before. WizIQ is an online learning platform. It is an online learning website that provides learning without going to class for the students. Nowadays, online learning is very popular because it offers many advantages such as taking the same lesson again and again. Especially, It is very useful for shy students because they can not ask their teachers their questions or they can not ask them to repeat something. This website also includes whiteboard. Students and teachers can use it during learning and teaching. Webcam can be used, as well. I think, all students like it because they can chat with their friends while they are working on the same task at the same time. In spite of all this positive features, it is free! Wonderful! The best thing about the WizIQ is that it gives chance to attend various courses given by professionals in various field. This online education provides education for all people. Thanks to these online lessons which are about everything; music lessons, education lessons or anything else, you don’t need to go to the conference hall. It is obvious that technology has changed our lives, and it still continue to change.. I think that wizIQ is very useful and different. We can create online lessons in our teaching environment. I believe I will use it in the future for my students to give extra different lessons, but not neglecting the usual classroom lessons 🙂

Nicenet , Dokeos

I think, in the future, there will be no paper work or paper homework, no board, no desk, even no class. Everthing will be done in online environment.This week again, a new, useful but difficult and an unfamiliar tool for me. J Nicenet and Dokeos. They are tools which enables teachers to create an online classroom.

If we start with Nicenet, it is a tool which has the following features: It works with internet connections. It gives teacher and students chance to do peer editing. In other words, it contains forum based activities. Both teachers and students can post links on it. Teacher can post documents, and students can download them. Teachers can make announcements via this tool. Also, it allows teacher to keep track of who is doing what. Lastly, I think its most typical feature is that it loads quickly and is almost never down because the site is not visually heavy with images, ads and media. Frankly, I didn’t like it in terms of this. I find it boring.

When we come to Dokeos, it is more creative, I think. It is more difficult, but at the same time, it is more enjoyable. In Dokeos, you can create classrooms, you can create quizzes. Also, students can chat while they are testing. It has a big disadvantage. How can I say, I don’t know, it is premium.

In the future, I will have to use all these tools because we are living in the technological age so I had better get accustomed to use these tools now. I can present a topic, and I can want my students to comment there. In this wise, I can expose my students reading and writing. If I give such homework in these websites, they don’t waste their time by playing games or chatting with their friends. To prevent students from bubble on the internet, we can use these tools.


This week’s topic was Prezi. Prezi is a presentation tool that enables us to organize and share our ideas. Teachers and students can use Prezi to collaborate on a presentation with multiple users. They all can edit the same presentation. Also, it allows students to construct and present their knowledge in different learning styles. The product is also being used in e-learning and edutainment. We can use prezi for our presentations and activities that we will use in teaching and learning environment. We can work with our friends on this program. Prezi is a presentation program like power point, but there is an important difference between them. That is you make one big prezi and zoom in to different views. You can show a prezzi to others on a computer through your prezi account, or you can link to them. As far as I know, prezi has a boundedness. That is it must be internet connection while you work on it. In the lesson, our teacher showed us how to create a Prezi presentation and how we use this tool to do our final projects. Although we found it difficult at first, it is not a complicated application. On the contrary, Prezi is quite easy to handle and I am sure that we are going to find it fascinating. Also, I am sure that when I use it in the future, the children will like it without doubt. By the way, we mentioned “media literacy” as well. It is the ability to understand how mass media work. A media literate person can tell the role of the media in his or her life. The goal of the media literacy is to develop a literate person who is able to read, write, analyze, evaluate, or produce communication in a variety of media like TVs or computers.

Mobile Learning

With mobile phones, we can learn every time and every where. We can take advantage of both for ourselves and our students. Apart from entertaining point of mobile phones, we can improve the students’ learning styles and methods for learning. They can reach information when they need it. They can learn amusedly much more.

Mobile learning makes learning possible at the point of need. Mobile learning empowers learners to take the initiative and direct their own learning activities. It provides good use of  dead time while travelling or waiting for a meeting to start. It integrates many different learning styles: reading, video, animation, working through decision trees, listening to podcasts, researching on the internet, choosing the correct answer (text or photograph), rating skills on a diagnostic… are all means for offering learning on mobile devices. It improves social learning by communicating with peers and experts and enables interaction between peers and tutors using mobile devices. The portability of mobile devices makes them readily available for collecting portfolio evidence via audio, still or video camera. Mobile learning enables forgotten or mistakenly remembered information to be speedily accessed and redressed. It provides easily digestible learning with the small screen minimizes the amount of information that can be offered to a learner at any given time, and so avoids cognitive overload. By getting the user to do the training on their own personal device they are more likely to engage with the learning.

Online groups

This was the forth week together. Today’s topics were more familiar to me that the other previous topics.Even in these 3 weeks, we learned lots of new tools which we can use for English teachinng. We continue to improve ourself in computer assested languge learning. Topics of the day were groups like “Google groups, Facebook groups and Yahoo groups”. We learned how to create and join in an online group. We talked about the groups which the class member are a member of.By the way, we realized that we are very non social people as a whole class. There are many many people who use these groups, I heard about all of them, but I use only Facebook group actively. Our teacher told us their social and educational purposes in detail. He suggested us twitter. I used to wonder it, but I couldn’t make bold to sign up. Moreover, I didn’t have any idea that. As I learned, it is a very useful group to see new and living news so readily. If we click to follow a page or a person, we can get the news easily. Finally I decided to join that. In the class, since all of us are a member of facebook, the teacher didn’t show us facebook groups in detailed. We already know it. He showed us some popular groups about ELT worldwide. We can use them on English teaching. When we become a teacher we can use it for the purpose of giving homework like out teacher. There are lots of groups for us as an “English teacher”, and I am a member of one of them. That is…